KBIS and IBS Show Highlights

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the International Builder’s Show for 2019 was held in Las Vegas this year. Overall, we were impressed with the amount of innovation in connected products and the product niches carved out by large OEM’s and small entrepreneurs alike. That said, all the great technology in the world doesn’t matter if the product design doesn’t catch the user’s attention and hold it long enough to do something meaningful. Of particular interest to JMI are the trends in finishes. The following is a quick run-through of trends we noticed emerging in new products and refreshes of current products on the show floor. Enjoy!

Metallic Design Trends – Large Appliance and Plumbing

kbis              IBS75logo

Chrome Rings are Still Popular for High-End Laundry

End Caps

Bin Trims

Metallic Colors are Popular Again

Voice and Digital Incorporated and More