PVD Nanotechnology



A big name for a simple concept… combine metals, gases and electricity to create the look and performance of expensive metal parts in a budget friendly, high-volume production environment.

Our expertise will expand your capabilities, as you deliver your next award-winning product.

PVD offers you a competitive edge in three ways:

  1. Aesthetics such as Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Rose Gold, Polished Brass and many more…
  2. Performance that allows a coated plastic part to achieve the hardness and durability of some of the most exotic metals such as titanium and chromium.
  3. Metal Finishing on Engineering Resins: Unlike Electroplating, which is limited to Nylons and alloys of ABS, PVD Nanocoating can be applied to nearly any engineering resin to combine the mechanical properties of engineering resins with the aesthetics of metals!