Multi-Material Molding (MMM)



As a world-class NPD team, you are tasked with creating an award-winning design, consolidating parts to simplify manufacturing and assembly, reducing costs and insuring the highest quality of the components and the assembly. Those objectives seem like they conflict with each other… but they DON’T!

JMI partners with you to offer you expanded production capabilities through our innovative multi-material molding services. 

Multi-material molding, or multi-component modeling, is a product engineering process that uses a combination of injected materials to achieve a set of properties that a single material can’t provide. The process involves a melt delivery system that distributes two or more melted materials into a custom mold cavity. Within the cavity, the materials bond together to form the finalized product. The method is valuable because it allows for full-scale customization of your product, ensuring it satisfies your standards for quality, performance, and design.  

JMI has performed multi-material molding services for many companies in every industry, helping them achieve designs that guarantee the integrity of their products. Even the most complicated product designs can be delivered on-time and on-budget, leveraging the power of JMI’s Multi-shot process, which helps you reduce cost, improve performance, and create unique products you’ll be proud to launch. 

Don’t allow complexity to stop you. Instead, allow JMI to help you solve your production issues, so you can deliver a high-quality product time and on budget! For more information about our multi-material molding solutions or to request a phone consultation, contact the JMI-USA team at (847) 410-9558.