High Precision Tooling



Whether you are a buyer or an engineer, you’ve likely experienced this exact scenario: a part design is awarded to a supplier, tools built, samples molded, and it seems like you’re 98% of the way home… BUT… the supplier can’t quite hit those critical dimensions no matter what they do to the mold or the molding process.


Success at PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) requires three things: a good part design, a well maintained molding machine and a precision injection mold. A precision injection mold and high-precision tooling allow for a full range of product customizations, increasing production quality, productivity, and repeatability.

High-precision tooling involves a knowledge of the molding process at the molecular level. CNC technology lets users record and repeat factors such as dimensions, temperatures, and quantities. This helps ensure consistent quality at a constant price in a consistent amount of time.

Right from the very beginning, our engineers will work closely with your product development team to help you feel confident through the entire product introduction process, every step of the way.

Benefits to our Precision Tooling Service

Consistency – We program the specifics of your product to ensure that every component is identical. This also reduces risks and mishaps.
Efficiency – CNC technology allows us to program the machine so that it can operate automatically 24/7.
Lower Cost – Precise molds and well-maintained machines produce precise parts, which reduce waste of materials and resources, saving you hundreds of thousands every year.
Speed – Our completely computerized system helps us increase production speed and output.
For more information about our precision tooling services or to schedule a call with one of our engineers, please contact us at (847) 410-9558.