Your product demands the performance and brilliance of bright chrome, and our electroplating service is the low-cost, high-quality solution that delivers. Electroplating is an industrial process where a thin layer of metal is applied onto a product’s surface and bound through the use of an electrical current. This electroplating process maintains your product’s original form but gives it certain properties of high-grade metal, such as heightened durability and aesthetic appeal.  

As pioneers in the electroplating industry, our innovative method offers superior adhesion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. With 4 batch plating lines and 2 robotic linear plating lines, JMI is perfectly positioned to meet your aesthetic, performance, and cost targets on any product. 

Many products require multiple finishes in order to achieve a certain stiffness, durability, and weight. Electroplating is a common manufacturing solution for increasing wear resistance, improving electrical conductivity and heat resistance, protecting against damage and abrasions, and preparing for paint work and additional coating. At JMI-USA, we have the engineering capacity and automation to perform electroplating services that will meet your product’s finishing requirements, including: 

  • Bright
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Spin Surface
  • Brushed Surface
  • Selective Plating

Do you have larger parts that could benefit from electroplating solutions? Not a problem! Our large tank plating lines can handle parts as large as 1 meter by 1 meter in a high-volume environment, so you can rest confidently knowing even your largest products will deliver brilliances on-time and on-budget. Our electroplating services are perfect for products across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, electrical, fashion, construction, cosmetics, and general fittings. For more information about our professional services or to schedule a consultation, contact a JMI team member at (847) 671-0800. Our team is always happy to tailor our services and expertise to best meet the unique needs of each individual client.