Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Services

New product development is a multi-phase process that can quickly turn into a multi-department nightmare without the proper planning, resources, budgeting, and communication. The stakes are high, and the failure to clear even a single production hurdle can result in a delayed launch, a higher price point, and an inferior product. Competitors may even beat you to market. 

The involvement of too many teams working independently toward the same goal is what causes most NPD snags. The more disconnected your process, the harder it is to ensure a cohesive result that satisfies your standards. The professional metal-to-plastic conversion services at JMI-USA simplify the process by providing full-scale new product development services that refine the process to a single, easy-to-manage channel. What makes JMI-USA special, apart from our product management and budgeting solutions, is that we bring our own production resources to the table. Throughout every phase of the production process, our team uses state-of-the-art engineering facilities to ensure that we finish the highest-quality products on time and on budget. 

Our professional consulting, production, and metal-to-plastic conversion services include a wide variety of customizable solutions that can provide the relief that your new product development needs. 

Electroplating – This metal-finishing service is an innovative solution that will help you achieve cost targets, construction quality, and aesthetic appeal.  

PVD Nanotechnology – This metal-to-plastic conversion solution combines metal, plastic, and electricity to reproduce the finish and performance of expensive metal.  

Multi-Material Molding – We consolidate components in order to simplify production, reduce cost, and ensure quality. 

High-Precision Tooling – Our custom production solutions help us engineer your product to your exact specifications. 

Consulting Services – JMI-USA is your one-stop resource for product design, budgeting, prototyping, and sourcing. 

For more information about our consulting or production services, please contact our team at (847) 671-0800.